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St Swithun's Church, Kennington

A performance of Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem directed by Chris Gill, soloists baritone André Refig, soprano Francesca Hotson and a come and sing chorus of local singers.
Come enjoy the performance as an audience member, purchase a £10 ticket
Or as a member of the chorus, arrive by 2.30pm for an afternoon rehearsal, if you need us to provide a score for you purchase a ticket for £7.50, if you can provide your own score purchase a ticket for £5
All profits donated to the joint benefice of Radley, Kennington and Sunningwell Parish Churches

SAT 11th MAY at 1900 in St james Church RADLEY

Rehearsal for singers 14.30








Johnny and the Jive Tones 16/02/2019

There were over 100 people who saw, heard and enjoyed Johnathan Dennets band JOHNNY and the JIVE TONES perform a

nostalgic selection of popular songs from the 1950's amd 60's.

There was dancing, singing and general enjoyment, as the guitars twanged, the drums beat and the keyboard backed

this talented group, who were obviously enjoying it as much as the audience.

There was also a tremendous variety of salads and deserts to enjoy.




Primary school children from St Swithun's School were once again given the opportunity to Experience Easter, as we created stations around the church showing the events of Jesus' trial, death and resurrection, which volunteers explained to the parties of children who visited. This year, we also invited everyone else in the village to come in and explore the stations in their own time. Thank you to everyone who came, and to all who helped make it such a success.


For 3 days in late August a Church holiday club took the theme MISSION RESCUE.

It proved very popular and was enjoyed by 30 children each day.

It was based on the story of God rescuing the Israelites from Egypt.
We learnt lots about space based around the Bible stories. Our time was packed with stories, craft, games, music and innovation.
Adults and children could be heard singing the songs in every spare moment.


These activities have been running for a number of years and below are pictures from 2013, when the topic wes:

The Space Academy

Singing with Actions



St Swithuns First MESSY CHURCH

took place on Sunday 16th June 2013

and is now a monthly event.


Meeting and Greeting
Potato Prints were certainly messy
Breakfast table
Washing feet after paint walk
Blindfolded obstacle course

About 100 people took part in St Swithun's first Messy Church, where they were able to enjoy a breakfast, including croissants, cereals, ham , cheese and toast, accompanied by tea, coffee or juice. There were a number of activities available, including a blindfolded obstacle course in the grounds, lego, a sandpit, potato prints (in the shape of stars), barefoot walk after standing in a large paint pot. It was father's day and it was possible to make a fathers day card, or draw a family tree.
The theme of the day being ' God promises to Abraham, that the journey of his life will produce more descendants than the stars in the sky, or the grains of sand on the beach'.

A lot of people just took the opportunity to have a chat, in a relaxed atmosphere, and watch some of the children participating in the activities.

Going on in parallel with the activities in Church was a service in the Church hall, and when that ended most of the people in the hall came into the church for coffee and to see what was going on.The event ended with a short service, bringing some of the activities into the context of the family of God, with the sand, stars washing of feet and sharing together.





On the Third Saturday each month, Rosey invites you to join the Flowerpot Gang in making our grounds beautiful. We will be tidying in and improving the grounds, with some exciting projects.

Anytime between 8.30am and 12.00, even just an hour will help. Please bring your own tools, especially rakes, hand forks and gloves.





piano cover: Our God Reigns

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