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Listed below are the monthly letters as printed in the Kennington Chronicle.
Usually from our clergy, but with occasional guests.

From the Clergy
….or news from St Swithun’s!

Throughout our long history on this planet, human beings have expressed themselves through the medium of art, from cave paintings to medieval masterpieces and modern art, from classical music to indie rock, from photography to film, and everything in between. Part of being human, it seems, is an urge to somehow, in some way, express something of who we are; to tell our stories.

Art has the potential to help us ask new questions about our lives. Down the centuries, Christians have used art to tell stories of faith and in turn, faith has the potential to help shape our response to art of whatever kind. A three-way conversation, if you like, between the artist, the art and ourselves. So, this year, during the season of Lent, Rob, our Vicar, is inviting anyone who wishes to join us (though please take note of certification), to come along to Radley Vicarage on the following dates to watch some films together. They will all begin at 7 p.m. The following week all are invited to join us to reflect on them through conversation and discussion.

10th March: Paddington 2 / PG / 103 mins Discussion group: 8–9 p.m., 11th March, Radley Church Room,
or 3–4 p.m., 12th March, Radley Vicarage

17th March:Calvary / 15 / 102 mins Discussion group: 8–9 p.m., 18th March, Radley Church Room,
or 3–4 p.m., 19th March, Radley Vicarage

24th March:Where Do We Go Now? / 12a / 110 mins Discussion group: 3–4 p.m., 26th March, Radley Vicarage,
or 8–9 p.m., 27th March, Radley Church Room

31st March: Still Alice / 12a / 101 mins Discussion group: 3–4 p.m., 2nd April, Radley Vicarage,
or 8–9 p.m., 3rd April, Radley Church Room

7th April: Of Gods and Men / 15 / 122 mins Discussion group: 3–4 p.m., 9th April, Radley Vicarage,
or 8–9 p.m., 10th April, Radley Church Room 3

On another note altogether: Shrove Tuesday! All are welcome to drop in to the Church Hall at St Swithun’s for a pancake or two on Shrove Tuesday (5th March) from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Come in on your way home from school, bring your families—all are welcome (there is no charge).

Please do see our website for notices of services and other events. All are welcome.
— Rev Alison Mathew

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